Survey of Community College Faculty about OER Attitudes and Behaviors

by Bob Barr

Apr 21, 2008
This report provides aggregate findings of the Faculty Survey on Open Educational Resources (OER) conducted online during late fall 2007 and early spring 2008. There were 1,203 faculty respondents to the survey from 12 Districts and 28 colleges. Of these respondents, 793 or 66% indicated they are full-time faculty. Part-time numbered 401 or 34%. There were 9 who did not indicate their full or part-time status. The faculty respondents represent a wide range of disciplines. The largest numbers were from English, Math, Counseling, Computer and Information Science, Business, ESL, and Foreign Languages. Substantial numbers were from Life, Social, Behavioral, and Physical Sciences. The respondents to the survey indicated considerable interest in using, sharing, and even producing OER learning materials. Over 90% indicated interest in using OER materials. A third of the respondents noted they were already using OER materials in their classes. As this sample does not represent the entire faculty, however, it cannot be concluded that a third of the faculty are using OER materials though many are no doubt using Internet resources. Respondents represented a wide range of disciplines including many in vocational education, basic skills, counseling, social, behavioral, life and the physical sciences. About 87% said they were likely to use OER if they were readily accessible and about 66% percent said they were interested in identifying or producing OER. About 75% of those responding to the survey indicated the type of support they would need to contribute to identifying or producing OER materials with Training, Guidelines and Templates, and Paid Compensation among the greatest needs.
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