MIT OpenCourseWare 2005 Program Evaluation Findings

by Stephen Carson

Jun 8, 2006
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a large-scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative, accessible on the Internet at Through OCW, MIT makes its core teaching materials -- lecture notes, problem sets, syllabi, reading lists, simulations, etc. -- openly available for non-commercial educational purposes. OCW publishes those materials in standards-based formats for anyone with access to the Internet. OCW has a dual mission:

* To provide free access to virtually all MIT course materials for educators, students, and individual learners around the world.

* To extend the reach and impact of MIT OCW and the opencourseware concept.

Beginning in 2002, MIT OpenCourseWare has published 1,259 of MIT's approximately 1,800 courses to date. In addition, OCW has published 133 updated versions of previously published courses. MIT OpenCourseWare expects to have published 1,800 courses by 2008, and beyond that milestone will continue to update courses as an ongoing activity of the Institute.

Major findings

* Access: Online access to MIT OpenCourseWare content continues to grow dramatically on and on translation sites, with currently more than 1 million monthly visits to OCW content, and a 56% annual increase in visits.

* Use: The OCW site is being used by educators, students and self learners to successfully accomplish a wide range of educational objectives; and visitors are widely satisfied with the breadth, depth and quality of OCW content.

* Impact: Individual educators and learners report high levels of current impact on their learning goals, and expectations for even higher impact in the future; institutions worldwide are both using MIT OpenCourseWare materials and publishing their own materials openly -- with more than 2,000 courses representing over 50 institutions currently available online.
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